• Yellowfang: The enthusiastic archer and support master!
  • TheLonelyFoxDC: The cautious mission guide and undercover agent!
  • LeopardBunny: The second-in-support and scout master/ninja!
  • The Glitch...
  • Endie, in non-keiser form, in Project scratch!Go to Here's the original!
  • LeopardBunny, in her Non-Keiser form!!Go to The original! DRWN BY HER!
  • TheLonelyFoxDC, in non-keiser form!Go to The original!!
  • Yellowfang, in her non-keiser form!Go to The original!!

Project Scratch is a team of fictional characters who represent several friends of EndieTheWolf on the website; Scratch. Though not much known, but the team, fictionally are on the quest with their mission guide, Crystalwolf, (alias XxCrystal_WolfxX on scratch), are the guardians of code, which in their knowledge,use the power of computeristic technology and programming to use special powers to fight against the Głïtçh, who is trying to corrupt the power of technology to overpower the Project Scratch Team. Aside from the Glitch, there are a few neutrals and minor villains that are also on the Glitch's path, to corrupt the internet.

Wielding powerful cyber weapons, the team are consisted of five characters, with a few others, like Eye of Ender.

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