Welcome to the EndieTheWolf Wikia

Hello, and welcome to the EndieTheWolf wikia! The wiki is based off of the Mixeid Universe and a trip to the alternate dimensions of the Mixeid. Meeting all of the characters who are featured or to be featured in one of Endie's productions.

The wiki features many things, from the characters, the fan art page, and even a suggestive ideas page where the admins will submit your character to EndieTheWolf himself!

EndieThe What!?

EndieTheWolf has been on several different sites, but now, he's decided to open his own wikia to house all of his characters and share them to the world. There are many things to check out, but Endie has made a big start on As known, some characters haven't been introduced, but they may have been one of Endie's few 'first survivors'.

Anyways, enjoy your browsing on the wiki!

Latest activity

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Team Chaotic featuring Frank, Bolt, Cara, Ghost and Riff and Team Eye of Ender, featuring Endie, Crystal, Creepr, Katz and Nhuts.

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