Endie is the main protagonist of Mixeid Isle Shifting, where he was appointed by Arrow as the leader of the only hopes of the dimension. He, along with some other of the chosen, formed the 'Core team' in Eye of Ender. Not much is known about his past, or where he came from. Whatever the case, his history was once obscure and violent, which does lead him to some breakdowns in some rare cases.

Appearance Edit

Endie is a hybrid anthropomorphic wolf who can change posture, depending if he decides to stand similarly to a human or a normal canine structure. All of his fur is a shady blend of grey, with a few exceptions which are his markings that are shown as purple in colour. His chest has a noticeable thick amount of fur, which has the 'Ender' eye on it, similar that to an enderman's eye in minecraft. His most noticeable purple areas are on the tips of his ears, his 'hair', half of his tail and his chest.

Personality Edit

Endie has a vast array of traits, but what stands out is his stubborn nature, which is usually that when the battle goes down, he still would rage on while everyone else has fled. Endie does display a good leader to his friends, even if there is no true leader. Though the team does have him high in ranks, he does sometimes do the lowliest things imaginable for them.