Nhutz, a possibly insane wolf, is one of the members of Team Eye of Ender. Though usually mistaken, he does seem to display an idiotic personality compared to the rest. While usually just the team's scout, he does listen to orders, but doesn't do them well. He tags along with Endie and the group, just because he was chosen because he owns the Amulet of Kestrel. Like the other members of Eyes of Ender, he has an aura, and his individual aura is green, which is the aura of support.

Appearance Edit

Nhutz, is an anthropomorphic wolf who reassembles the brown on a timber wolf. He lacks some 'hair' unlike the others on his head. He has a V shaped slit in his right ear, and his right eye is a swirl, showing his awkward nature, though that eye is completely fine. The other eye, is normal and has a green iris. He has a jaw that curves up once on the left, which shows one single tooth poking out, which cannot be tucked in, due to his irregular jaw.


His body, isn't strange at all, apart from a very large amount of 'fluffy stuff' on his chest, like Endie's. His tail, is completely fine, except that he usually drags it behind him, which he thinks lifting it is 'tiring'.

Personality Edit

Nhutz is classified as 'dumb' and is innocent in most ways. What does provide need in him is his happy nature, which he is always encouraging and helping. Though proved clumsy, he does prove use in the team. His positive behaviour actually has stopped the team from a dismantlement at times, which does prove him an important team member.

Team/ Relationships Edit

Nhutz is a part of Eye of Ender and has a close friendship with some of them. There are a few acquaintances to others, though.

Endie Enderwolf Edit

Nhutz does follow Endie Enderwolf like a leader and obeys most of his commands. Endie does struggle at times to deal with Nhutz' immaturity, which does introduce a weakness to the team. Nhutz is very obedient, but clumsy- so it isn't easy to keep him on guard. Nhutz does adore his place in the team, and what Endie had said to him,

"Nhutz, power and wisdom you don't follow, but still- your determined to be a team member, and more importantly, a friend."

Crystal Shatter-jewel Edit

Nhutz fears Crystal, after the Brainwash incident, he cowers in fear of her abilities, which he says is 'far out there to handle'. He does try to stay on her good side by listening and trying hard to pay attention, but still- he is clumsy. He avoids being a nuisance around her, but it does decrease his speed in doing so. He keeps silent and less irritating around her, just in case.

Creepr Edit

Creepr and Nhutz make a good team, as Creepr in the shadows while Nhutz plays the dumb sidekick. The two both love jokes and both are quite annoying to the rest, but the duo alone can wipe out one of Frank's attacks. Thanks to Creepr, Nhutz has more motivation- by humor.

Katz Edit

Katz and Nhutz are considered 'the Bovine Bros' due to their personalities. There is a difference between them- Katz is a quick and reliable character, while Nhutz is a slow and 'derpy'. They, though- are very cooperative and like to share it to the team. Like cows, they like to herd up and do their own thing, while observing from a far distance. They also are hard to handle, due to their curious natures. The two are both derpy at times, but they have a strange ability to be capable of doing hard tasks.

Not ordinary cows, are they!?