TheLonelyFoxDC, or Fox, is one of the members of Project Scratch. Though reassembling the FNaF character, he might be considered a counterpart version for Endie and the others to use. Foxy doesn't have a confirmed name, but is just called after his species. He is part robotic but has a soul. In real scratch, TheLonelyFoxDC is the programming editor who double checks if the mechanics would work.


Foxy, drawn by LeopardBunny!

Appearance Edit

Fox (or Foxy), is a robotic red fox. He has a blood red-like body and head, except for his stomach and his snout. He has a small tear in his stomach, which exposes his metallic inside, which is considered an endoskeleton. Fox wears a green visor on his right eye, which makes it take up a reptilian-like look to his pupil. His other eye is yellow, however it sometimes becomes orange, which is caused when he is focused on something. Fox also wears a jet pack, loaded with 5,000 litres of jet fuel, which he usually uses instead of walking as transport.

I recently got into wizardry and magic, so I'm currently working on fixing my front paws so I can walk more often. ~ Fox DC